Millennials love the city

People usually go looking for destinations that are outside and not part of their city for a small intimate wedding, but this couple achieved that in their Gurugram wedding, a beautiful venue, brilliant decor and such pretty outfits that tell a story (we'll get to that in a bit). A Sikh wedding is usually done pretty royally and people wear wonderful colors that are a photographers dream, and this wedding was no exception, as you'll observe in the pictures.


Well, what can we say, cocktails usually are the events people are most candid and enjoying themselves at weddings, a candid photographer's dream to capture emotions gets totally fulfilled!

Designer who?

We won't lie, but it's always amazing to see brides who go that extra mile and design their outfits on their own. However, we seldom meet one that has not only designed her own wedding outfits, but also her husband's, and they looked gorgeous.

The wedding - a celebration

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Our couple

Garima & Arjun

“Garima tells us how they met and a little about their love story:

We went to school together but never dated, as we moved out of India right after school. We kept in touch through social media, both returned back to India, years later coincidentally ran into each other one day and that was it.”

Can we miss the Kaleera ceremony on our mates? NO.

The happy goodbye :)

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